6 Uniquely-Themed Cafes in Bangkok

Bangkok is very famous for it’s street food, but you will be surprised by it’s themed cafes. Creatively designed interiors serving coffee, desserts, brunch and selling items will leave you cafe hopping in the city. For all the camera-ready foodies these 6 are your best picks for capturing the most conceptualised cafes. 


Pink Planter is located on the third floor of a multi-label street wear store called Matchbox. As you enter you feel like you’ve come to a tropical land with beautifully decorated pink walls, flamingoes, cactus and ferry lights – the quintessential teen girl dream cafe. Brownie points for serving adorable ice cream, sweets and icy beverages to go along with every meal. We couldn’t resist the bubble gum ice cream burger with cute little eyes waiting to fill our tummy! 

Opening hours : Monday – Friday from 12pm to 9pm
                              Closed on Saturday and Sunday


All things Unicorn! No doubt it’s rainbow coloured with wallpapers, bluish-pinkish couches, unicorn themed drinks and food, unicorn plushies hanging from the ceiling and sitting at each table waiting to get cuddled. On top of all this you can also rent unicorn onesies to dress up and complete your mystical experience! What’s more awesome? Free wifi & mouth watering desserts! 

Rainbow coloured waffles with ice cream

Opening Hours : Tuesday – Sunday from 12pm to 8pm
                             Closed on Mondays 


Nahim is very colourful & tastefully designed and has just the touch to make you feel like home. They have cute chairs and comfortable casual step seating area where you can snuggle with food shaped stuff toys. We were in awe of their characterised mini donuts. They also sell handcrafted stationary and a lot of other fun stuff.

Pineapple shaped donut with lemon ice tea

Opening hours : Monday – Friday from 11pm to 9pm
                             Saturday – Sunday from 9am to 9pm


As suggested by the name it’s all shades of blue in here! After entering you first need to place your order and then you’re assigned to a specific table. It was a bit cramped up for a 3-storeyed space but the delicious food, desserts and blue drinks compensated for this con. Easy to find and located just 7 minutes walk away from the famous Wat Pho temple.

Opening hours : 10 am to 8pm
                              Closed on Thursdays


The Hello Kitty House is a three-storey mansion with a cafe, shop and a spa all under one roof! It’s prettily pink and every corner of the place has a creatively themed furniture – definitely instagram worthy. The place has food, merchandise, stationary, bags, clothes and so many souvenirs that you will want to take back home as a memory. They also have a take away section right at the main entrance. We recommend their Strawberry Banana Smoothie and Fruity Pancakes.

Fruity Pancakes 

Opening hours : 10am to 10pm


One of the most flowery cafes you’ll ever witness is located at the heart of Bangkok’s flower market. Three words to describe this beauty – vintage, stylish and earthy! The owner started this as a flower shop and later added a cafe at the upper floor with crystal chandeliers, imprinted messages on mirrors and a variety of homemade delicacies. They serve coffee, cakes, ice creams and salads. 

Opening hours : Monday – Saturday from 10am to 10pm
                            Closed on Sundays

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